Practical information

1st International Conference on Written Corrective Feedback in L1 and L2 (WCF23)

Location and transportation

  • Vic is located 65 km (40 miles) from Barcelona (Spain). There are several ways to get to Vic.

  • By plane

  • You can go from Barcelona or Girona to Vic by car, bus, train, or taxi. It takes approximately 1 hour to go from Barcelona or Girona to Vic.

  • By bus:

    • From Barcelona (15 approx., return): Sagalés

    • From Girona (15approx., return): Eixbus

  • By train:

    • Renfe (15approx., return). Line R3

  • By taxi:

    • There are several private taxi services between Barcelona/Girona and Vic. The trip costs approx. 130.


More information via the Vic tourist office: